Numa Pompilio

Discover the great classics of Italian dishes and their fusion with the international cuisine in an atmosphere that will take you back to the most romantic times.


The rooms


Terrazza de Numa Pompilio
Terrazza de Numa Pompilio
Terrazza de Numa Pompilio
Terrazza de Numa Pompilio

Il Nostro Pastificio

Our menu

Cold soups

Datterini tomato soup

Melon and Marsala soup

Cherry soup with green tomato


Wild rocket and 30-month Parmesan, breba figs and shrimps

Andria stracciatella cheese with Datterini tomatoes and traditional balsamic vinegar

Vitello tonnato in Zahara tuna sauce and pickles

Burrata cheese with a vegetable caponata

Crunchy courgette flowers with anchovies

Carbonara scallop with asparagus


Smoked venison with Pecorino Romano cheese and Marsala

Beef and wild asparagus from Granada with parmesan cream

Wild grouper with peach, beans and green sprouts

Red Mazzara shrimp mosaic with Bahía-style pickles

Dal forno di Numa

Fried battered artichokes

Our aubergine parmigiana

Wild boar ragu lasagne

Dal nostro pastificio

Pomodoro and burrata cheese rigatoni alla Vodka

Gorgonzola gnocchi with Langhe hazelnuts

Ravioli del plin in gravy

Roast pumpkin agnolotti and amarettis

Tagliolino with Carril clams and green sauce

Pesto tagliatella with Tristán lobster

Tagliolini funghi with Pecorino cheese

Linguine gamberi e limone


Capri lemon sole

Grouper with Datterini tomatoes, white aubergine and yellow courgette

Hake with clams and pistachio pesto

Acqua pazza sea bream


Piamontese Fassona steak tartar

Green pepper sirloin steak

Orecchiona de elefante madurada

Grilled Fiorentina steak with Chanti cherries

Who are we?

Inspired by the great European bourgeois restaurants, NUMA POMPILIO opens its doors in Barrio de Salamanca, calle Velázquez 18, becoming one of the most awaited novelties of the culinary scene in Madrid.

This new restaurant, created by Sandro Silva and Marta Seco, is committed to Italian cuisine, refined with choices that enrich themselves with the Italian nomad spirit.

"With NUMA, we want to bring the less-known Italy to Madrid, with products that are a true legacy and with traditional culinary creations not so oftenseenhere.

However, it's not a purist restaurant… we suggest a menu that has travelled the world. With dishes created by Italians who have gone beyond their borders, who have learnt from external influences for generations", says Silva. "Our restaurant is not only Italian; it is European and international!... It is a space where, apart from making you enjoy the cuisine, we want to surprise you, create different sensations, a global experience."

And this is how they have paid attention to the smallest details in this new project by the creators of El Paraguas, Ten con Ten, Ultramarinos Quintín and Amazónico. An open kitchen and a pasta-making table welcome the guests, who enter the rooms that lead to the main dining area, with large windows that lead to the back garden. Undoubtedly one of the restaurant's gems.

The impeccable décor, romantic and evocative, takes us back in time, with kitchen utensils and items brought directly from Italy, New York and London.

The bust of NUMA POMPILIUS (POMPILIO in Spanish), second king of Rome, is the emblem of the restaurant. It calmly watches over the frantic pace of the kitchen, where they make dishes like Acqua pazza sea bream, Guazzetto seafood with rosemary focaccina, Orecchiona de elefante madurada, Smoked venison with Pecorino Romano cheese and Marsala. The artisan desserts and ice creams, along with the cocktails, are the essential complements of a menu that brings together legacy and innovation.

The winery has a selection of wines that are a true journey to the Italian winemaking world, with more than one hundred and fifty references from the Alpine country. It is completed by an important national and international winery, where we can highlight a wide range of Andalusian fino wines, French champagnes, and references from Portugal, Chile, United States, South Africa and New Zealand.